The Enigmatic Art of Jody Harmon - Contemporary Surrealist

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My online gallery features both sold and available major paintings from 1993 to the present.
They are a severe departure from the hundreds of military illustrations and prints I have done for the United States Army and others since the late 1980's.  Jody poses with "Still Life With Djed Columns"

The work displayed here represents the "coming of age" of my lifelong struggles with the enigmas of life, death, and elusive love.
I am not primarily concerned with commercial appeal. I have sold pieces in the past, and will continue to make them available, but these very personal works are never easy to part with.

Presented for your perusal are these stoic, brave, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek paintings, mainly alkyd on canvas and simply framed. Laid bare is my off-center, somewhat naive, and romantic view of the life experience... in a joyous "sugar free" blend of self-expression and constant experimentation.

I hope to devote a lifetime to expanding the boundaries of what is possible for me as a painter, by probing the limitless, fantastic realms of the surrealist method.

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