A look at the transforming U.S. Army ground forces, as they may appear by 2007. Note the soldier's additional body armor and weapon, also the deployment of the Stryker 105mm mobile gun system (MGS).  (ARMOR Magazine cover art.)

thumb A "could happen" kind of scene...missile-armed robotic mini tanks head out to detect the enemy, remotely directed by the safely deployed, crew-served controller vehicle.

thumb A proposed air defense version of the Bradley fighting vehicle in action.

thumb A very futuristic scene, to be sure - but not too farfetched?

thumb A theoretical future design employing many advanced detection and aversion systems, and a magnetic rail main gun. The tank is shown using a powerful laser to "spot off" an incoming laser guided missile.

thumb This futuristic main battle tank is based on the M1 Abrams chassis. It would be armed with a magnetic rail gun, and equipped with advanced threat detection and defense systems.





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