An ARMOR magazine cover depicting the U.S. Army Constabulary forces in post-war Germany.

M46 Patton tank crews defending their hilltop position from an intense attack late in the Korean war.
(enlarged as a mural for the Patton Museum)

Advancing 11th ACR soldiers, accompanied by an M551 Sheridan tank. (enlarged as a mural at the Patton Museum)

x Vietnam, 1968: M113 armored personnel carriers and troopers of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.
(enlarged as a mural at the Patton Museum)

x A late-model Sherman M4A3, mainstay of U.S. forces in Korea, moves down a road past a knocked-out North Korean T34/85.

x Korea, 1952: Amongst the ruins of a Korean village, an M26 Pershing enters the scene, to the relief of some shell-shocked U.S. troops.

x Typical of U.S. tank designs in the 1950s, an M48 Patton and an M103 heavy tank are portrayed in a theoretical test area scene with a low-yield nuclear detonation in the background.

Vietnam, 1968: M48 Patton tanks arrive and turn back an intense North Vietnamese attack.
(enlarged as a mural at the Patton Museum)


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