Major General John Buford and his staff before the start of the Gettysburg battle in 1863.

x A montage depicting German soldiers and equipment, part of Hitler's "Condor Legion", which fought in Spain for the Nationalists during the Spanish civil war - 1936-37.

x A British multi-turreted Medium MKIII prototype tank, of which only 3 were produced, undergoing trials in 1933.

x A montage showing Heinz Guderian, father of the German Panzer Korps, amidst parading Panzer MKI light tanks and a display of of the growing luftwaffe behind him.

x Cambrai, 1917: A British Mark IV tank, quite stuck in a battle trench and surrounded by curious British soldiers. 

x Battle of Cambrai, 1917: A massive Mark IV tank penetrates a British smoke screen, stupefying the entrenched German infantry, many of whom had never before seen a tank. 

x A French-built Renault TSF tank and an FT17 in the service of Spanish federalist forces during the Spanish Civil War, 1937.


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