Wary soldiers and Sherman crew in action during the battle of Aachen, Germany in late 1944.

A German Pzkw IIc light tank crosses an engineer-built bridge over the Meuse river, during their invasion of France in May of 1940.

x General George C. Patton,  Commander of the US Army II Corp during the battle of El Guettar, in March of 1943. This was a limited edition print, sold out in the 1990s.

x An M4 Sherman tank braves an open plain somewhere in the Belgian/ German border area, while nearby infantrymen stay low.

x A split scene showing Panther tanks being readied for movement to the Ardennes area, while Hitler fine tunes his plans for the ill-fated winter offensive.

x March 29th, 1945: U.S. Army 3rd Armored Division Commander General Maurice Rose is depicted just before he was fatally shot in a moment of confusion, by the King Tiger tank's Commander. Rose was looking for a cut-off lead element of his division when his vehicle became somehow pinned by the misidentified German tank. His accompanying soldiers escaped unharmed.

x An M4 Sherman modified with a flamethrower, in action during the battle for Iwo Jima, Spring 1945.

x One of the intense, pivotal engagements during the Battle of Kursk in July, 1943.  German Tiger 1 heavy tanks versus Soviet T34 tanks at extremely close ranges, with high casualties on both sides.

x An overhead view of Tiger and Panther tanks slugging it out with T34s, amidst mortar and artillery fire as well - during the Battle of Kursk.

x A British Churchill tank on the move in Sicily - late 1943

x 3 U.S. Army M4 Sherman tanks advance on a POW camp in Germany - Spring, 1945.

x U.S. Army M10 tank destroyers moving through a bomb-shattered German town - late in 1944.

x Fall, 1944: A German Jagdpanther (hunting Panther) and a Panther G lie in wait for the Americans in their ill-fated attack of the German-held Hurtgen forest area.

x July, 1944: General George Patton pays a visit to his 3rd Army troops in a French town, after the Normandy area breakout.

x June 1944: An M4 Sherman leaves the ramp of a landing ship as allied troops move ashore at Normandy.

x September 1944: A well-camouflaged Sherman tank negotiates a stream-fording site on the Moselle River near Metz, France.

x March, 1945: An advancing M4A3 Sherman catches the gaze of German civilians in Frankfurt.

x December, 1944: Battle-weary soldiers take refuge from heavy German small-arms fire behind a Sherman tank, amongst the ruins of a Belgian town.

x Russia, 1941: German officers in a Panzer Mk3 command tank control an air-armor-infantry assault.

x Eastern France, 1944: Partially hidden from air attack by camouflage netting, this M7 Priest self-propelled howitzer and its 105mm gun were artillery mainstays in support of armor and infantry in the European theater.

x Summer, 1944: A U.S. lend-lease Sherman tank in the service of the Soviet army, during their offensive against German forces.

x 1941: The Philippine jungle is the setting for this U.S. Army M3 Stuart light tank.

x December, 1944: A 70 ton Tiger II (Koenigstiger) moves thru the Westwall defenses during the opening hours of the Ardennes offensive.

x Luzon, 1942: Imperial Japanese infantry accompany a Type 95 light tank, in pursuit of the retreating allied forces.

x March, 1945: U.S. Army soldiers and tanks move down a contested village street during the allies advances into the heart of Germany.


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